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Copies of Stephen Joseph’s presentation at the Biochar Forum:

 Introduction to Biochar  2. Historical use of biochar  3. Livestock around the world
 4. Biochar increases resistance  5. Biochar in horticulture  6. Biochar industry in china
 7. Producing fit for purpose biochars


Notes on foliar sprays:

Smoke Formula” (pdf)


Further reading and publications:

Synthetic Terra Preta 1 AEM of black carbon 2
Biochar effects on nitrous oxide 1 Biochar treatment 1
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CARE Vietnam Cd Pb mobilisation
Characterisation of an enriched Chees STP paper
Clare et al Effects of enriched biochars
Electrochemical properties Enhanced biochar NKP
Evaluation of CARE Vietnam Feeding biochar to cows
High resolution and specific Imaging of mineral
Kmman et al Lowering N20 emissions
MS Lashari study Microstructural characterisation
Migration of dissolved organic Nanoscale organo-mineral
Reactions of biochar in soil Root derived short chain
Shaun microbes and biochar Shaun nielson
Shifting paradigms Woolf nature article
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