Evergreen Farming

Grower Group Alliance

Manjimup Pasture Group
Contact Paul Omodei at paul@agvivo.com.au

Manjimup Weed Action Group(MWAG)
Contact Keith Liddelow on 9771 1117

Southern Farm Forestry and Landcare Services
Contact Julian Sharp on 9776 0206 or 0427 372 215
For more information download the information sheet here.
Southern Forest Food Council Inc.


Upper Lefroy Catchment Group
Contact Lee Fontanini at lfontanini@westnet.com.au

Warren Advisory Committee
Contact Liz Western at Liz.Western@water.wa.gov.au

Warren Biochar
Contact Mick Gill at mickgill@skymesh.com.au

Warren Recovery Team
Contact Chris Evans at christopherobin@westnet.com.au

Warren Renewable Energy Group (WDREG)
Contact Gil Knowles at gilknowles@wn.com.au

Wilgarup Catchment Group
Contact Paddy Pemberton at ppember@westnet.com.au