WCC Vision

“To work with the Warren Community to sustain healthy forests, rivers, coastal environs, rural enterprises and aspirations.”


Guiding Principles

The WCC has established a set of guiding principles that govern its decision-making processes.  These are:

  1. That we recognise the intrinsic value of the natural assets within our landscapes, and we strive to protect, enhance and sustain those values wherever possible.
  2. That we provide leadership through encouragement and a proactive, open-minded approach to natural resource management.
  3. That we aim to minimise environmental impacts within our sub-region while considering the economic and social aspirations of the Warren community and its visitors.
  4. That we are adaptable to change, use the best available knowledge, and continue to learn from our own and others successes and mistakes.
  5. That lack of full scientific certainty is not grounds for postponing actions that prevent environmental degradation.
  6. That decision making processes are transparent, honest and equitable.
  7. That we share information with our stakeholders openly and work in partnership with the community, government and industry.
  8. Encourage landholders to seek and utilise assistance available to them in order to achieve best practice natural resource management.
  9. That the wider community has the right to be consulted on decisions and actions that affect them.
  10. That prime responsibility for the management of natural resources is with landholders within our sub-region, and that we must respect their rights and be mindful of their financial situation.
  11. That we recognise the value of diversity within our organisation and the strength that we have by working collectively.