Innovative perennial farming systems in the Tone and Perup catchments


Caring for our Country

Project Officer

Kathy Dawson


  • Increase ground cover
  • Improve soil condition
  • Improve productivity
  • Reduce salinity in the river systems

Project Background

The Upper Warren sub-catchments of Tone and Perup rivers occupy an area of approximately 2510km2 and range in rainfall from 800mm to <600mm. Agricultural land use includes cropping and grazing with some horticulture in the lower reaches.
Eighteen percent of this area is at risk of dryland salinisation; significant areas of bare or waterlogged land are unproductive.

Extensive tree plantings have stabilised the rise in salinity, however farmers need more flexible means of lowering the water table. This project seeks to promote and extend the application of perennial farming systems in this higher rainfall area, implementing demonstration sites of four models that are proving to be successful in restoring damaged soil in the wheatbelt.